rAkyAt bEtA

besttttt ..

ok.. entry kali nie nk cite pasal kwn aku yg pandai giler  cipta lagu.. 
nie laa lagu die... hee... :)
die kate lagu nieh die wat secare spontan.. MAGIK kn ? hohohohohho

I wanna hold your hand ,
And i swear i'll never leave you again ,
I will do everything that i can ,
As long as i get a chance to stand ,
OOH , OOH , 

Take My hand , 
Let the past demolished if you can , 
Never sad , never sorrow in your life ,
Because i will make it full with laugh ,
Yeahh , Yeahh ,

Close your eyes ,
never thought how long our relationship will last ,
Give me your little smile that so bright ,
And i wanna keep it in my heart ,
OOH , OOH , 
Because that's enough for me .. enough for me ,
Our heart , that can never be apart ,
Even , when you try it so hard ,
It will never ever be apart ,

Destiny ,
Will come when you gave your heart completely , 
The best memories it will be , 
When it just have you and me ,
when it's you and me , 
Yeahh . 
OOH , OOH , 

Because baby , i will try even it so hard to me ,
to me , 
Our heart , that can never be apart , 
ever , ever , be apart . 
Yeahh , Yeahh .

* nnt klu ad lg.. aku letak kt c nie erk :)