rAkyAt bEtA

ok entry kali nie khas tok MY LOVEY DOVEY saye.
sbena ny aku ngn die nieh ta laa rapat mne pon mse skola rendah dlu..
tp ta tao lahh smenjak dua menjak nieh...
tah mcm mne bole clozz giler tahap cipan :)
ok ok straights to da point..
msty korang tertanye tanye kn npe entry nie khas tok die..
klu korang tak tertanye tanye pon takpe.. aku still nk bg taoo.. HAHA crite die cm nie.. 
mse da nk masok skolaa tuh ad ura ura mengata kn yg die akan deactive acct FB die..
so aku sedeyh laaa... nnt aku ta dpt nk merepek meraban ngn die..
then tak dpt nk gosip gosip sume -.-
and da most important things is aku akn RINDU die 
dats y aku sedeyh..

so td die ad on9.. :)  and i'm very hepy ^_^
pastu kt IM td die ad suruh aku bce tumblr die..
ingat kn npe.. rpe rpe nye.. OOOOOOMYYYGODDD die tulis something pasal aku..
sumpah tekejut + terharu + teruja = tak terkata :)
ini entry die pasal aku tuh.... **so korang ta yah susa susa nk g bace.. heheh
Dedicated to Miss Aida. I hope you read this, :)
After awhile, I have I was chatting with my bestfriend. Her name is Aida. I don’t have to inform her full name. We were very close. She asked me if I was deactivate all my account or not. Haha, she was sad when I post on my status that portrayed I will deactivate my account. Don’t worry, you can text me ey. :) Just now she told me about Korean drama. Hoho, she knows that I am addicted on it. Thank you for that.
She is very kind and responsible. Yes, I love her. She’s too kind. She’s my bestfriend ever.
To Aida : Thanks for everything, my life is not colourful without you babe! It reminds me when you accompanied me to Books fair. Funny huh. ;) And always pray for my success. I want to study at Adelaide!

* siap ad lagu BE MY GIRL -JYJ skali tau :)
thankz syifaa... i'm very very apperciate it !!